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Increased Revenue Streams:
At the very core of Grips America's business philosophy is a commitment to enhancing your revenue stream and bottom line by creating a true partnership with our gun and shooting range dealers across North America.  The quality of our grips and factory type pricing will allow you additional profits.

'Thinking Outside the Barrell' 
At Grips America, we are committed to enhancing your brand and your profits by 'thinking outside the barrel', providing fantastic pricing, superior service and innovative products such as offering your own custom design creations or adding your business name or logo to our designs. 

It is this commitment and innovation that positions Grips America apart from the rest. It also enables us to anticipate changing markets and the changing needs of gun owners and ultimately confirms our ability to continue to deliver long-term value.

To summarize, here's what you get by joining our Grips America dealer network 
1. Factory pricing-highly profitable to you because we cut out the middle man

2.Innovative product design – always one step ahead of everybody else
3. Custom Designs- we can add your store logo to our grip design or...
got an idea for a grip design- we can customize for you and include your brand
4. Free freight on orders over 50000 Items
5. Order direct from our US head office
6. Same day shipping
7. Generous dealer discount independent of store size
8. Marketing support – we won’t leave you hanging
9. Limited lifetime warranty on many of our products
10. Additional  gun accessories at wholesale pricing
11. Free listing on our United States Dealer Locator or International Distributor Listing
12. Easy, convenient online ordering
You will receive a login & password to order Grips America accessories online

So, Get a Grip and join us. We look forward to a fantastic relationship with you. 

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