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Smith & Wesson S&W K L N Frame Grip Screws

Smith & Wesson S&W K L N Frame Grip Screws

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This is a replacement grip screw for the Smith & Wesson K, L & N. 

Carbon steel grip screw for vintage and obsolete Smith & Wesson K, L, and N frame Target & Magna grips (It will not fit the new "Classic Series" grips).  
Measure 1.18" .  
Some S&W Target and Magna grips had their grip screw escutcheons recessed more than others - in some cases this screw may be a tad too long (easy to shorten) but it won't be too short for any of the sizes. 

1.Made of high grade carbon steel, strong and durable.

Package include:
2 x Screws


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